About Us


It was at a family wedding in North Carolina when two cousins - who had taken a few art history courses together at Princeton - were catching up. One cousin, who was in the market for an oil portrait of his young daughter, queried the other, "You have contacts with international artists, can they paint a $10,000 oil portrait for less than $10,000?"

The answer was yes. Art Gallery Originals, a portrait brokerage offering fine quality children's oil portraits at affordable prices, was born.


Our first commission - actually commissions -- are a brother and a sister.


We begin offering Executive Oil Portraits.


Clients in 23 states. NC, SC, VA, TX, TN, DC, MD, NJ, NY, LA, MS. MO, FL, CA, IL, OH, MA. CT, AL, ID, KY, PA, RI


ART GALLERY ORIGINALS receives Children's Oil Portrait commissions #999 and #1,000.


GOOGLE'S gallery of Children's Oil Portraits features three of our paintings.


ART GALLERY ORIGINALS introduces our Showroom Collection - original Oils and Acrylics marketed through design professionals.


We celebrate 15 years of offering fine quality Children's Oil Portraits at affordable prices.

Coming up...

Coming in September- ART GALLERY ORIGINALS is introducing an Oil Portrait Photo reference service.