Engaging, a fresh and lively likeness to the subject, it's why Art Gallery Originals is selected for Judicial Oil Portraits

Honor Devoted Public Servants With Judicial Portraits

3 reasons to choose Art Gallery Originals of Charlotte, NC

Not sure how to thank a judge for serving the community for so many years? Look to municipalities in Charlotte, NC and beyond that have requested judicial portraits. In many states, it’s a tradition to hang up a portrait of a retiring judge in the courthouse.

Art Gallery Originals is your source for judicial portraits. We stand out because of our…

  1. Quality: Every judicial portrait artist we work with has a keen eye for detail.
  2. Expertise: We can answer your questions and provide guidance about choosing reference photos.
  3. Affordability: Through our connections with international artists, we can keep prices low for our clients.

Contact us today to request a portrait for a retiring judge.