The face and figure in an Art Gallery Originals oil portrait appear three-dimensional. So lifelike and dynamic

An Art Gallery Originals' Children's Oil Portrait Captures The Essence Of Childhood

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Rosy cheeks, twinkling eyes and charming expressions - our talented children's portrait artist can bring details like these to life on the canvas in a fresh and lively way. Art Gallery Originals works with top trained and talented artists and we do not market our portrait commission services. Commissions come the best way, word of mouth, new clients see our portraits in the homes of their families and friends.

Art Gallery Originals is proud to be the resource for families in Charlotte, NC and throughout the United States. Families who want premier oil portraits of their children, both single subject and multiple subjects. Our family oil portraits are ideal for...

  • Capturing special relationships between brothers and sisters
  • Creating a focal point in a room
  • Perfect placement above the mantel or behind a sofa
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Children's Oil Paintings -- an Art Gallery Originals twist on the traditional of family or group Oil Portraits

Another option we offer for works with multiple subjects is our Children's Oil Paintings. Best described as a beautiful scene in which your children appear. A children's painting is more similar to a landscape than a portrait. The emphasis of a children's paintings is to depict children in a special setting or at a specific moment in time, rather than to capture precise likeness. In a children's painting, the subject is seen from the back or side view. In contrast to a formal portrait, the face is not the focal point of the painting. Our children's paintings are in oil and one reference photo is used, often a favorite candid shot. These paintings work well in smaller sizes and are perfect in larger dimensions for spaces like over the sofa or above a mantel.

And Don't Forget Fido

For some of our families, having a portrait with all of their children works best. We have had lots of experience with portraits with multiple subjects and can share our experience on best photo choices, backgrounds, age of subjects and size of painting. At Art Gallery Originals, the only limitation on our works is imagination. Portraits can even include the family dog!

For tips about selecting the perfect reference photo, don't hesitate to contact our Charlotte, NC team by calling 336-918-2022.

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