So specifically your child, an Art Gallery Originals children's oil portrait captures unmistakable likeness

Our Art Gallery Original Families Love The Liveliness And Likeness Of Our Children's Oil Portraits

Our Charlotte, NC team makes the commission process easy and enjoyable

At ART GALLERY ORIGINALS, we believe in the tradition of Children's Oil Portraits. Upon delivery the painting is a timeless treasure. Why commission an Oil Portrait of your child? It's about holding on to an image of a most precious one at a specific moment.

Simply, a Children's Oil Portrait richly records your child at a particular age in a way that cannot be recreated at a later time and in a medium, which creates a visual experience that is uniquely impactful. It is our mission at ART GALLERY ORIGINALS to offer fine quality Children's Oil Portraits at affordable prices.

Important information for parents

To make sure that special age does not slip away unrecorded, we encourage families to have portrait photos taken, even if the client isn't quite ready to commission the painting.

Here are some tips we look for in a portrait photo:

  • LIGHTING - Utilize Rembrandt lighting from a NATURAL light source. Preferably, the photo should be taken indoors in front of a window or open doorway or outside during the golden hours of 8am-10am or 4pm-6pm.
  • FACIAL EXPRESSION - The subject's eyes and facial expression are the MOST IMPORTANT feature in selecting the best photo. There should be no tension lines on the face and a neutral expression or a hint of a smile.
  • STAGING THE SESSION - Begin with the subject in an ARMLESS dining room chair sitting near the front end of the seat (chair is angled into the light). The body is directed one way, and the head is directed the other way. For children, the second pose would be to have the child kneeling in a chair or kneeling on the floor. Here it is important that the camera be on the SAME plane as the child's face. If the child is on the floor, the photographer is on the floor. Every session should include these two poses.
The over-arching goal here is to look through the camera lens from the perspective of a portrait painter... please contact us for more tips.

Art Gallery Originals has worked with over 1,000 families on children's oil portrait commissions. Our gallery of children's oil portraits is refreshed every week. Please visit often.

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